St. Nicholas & the Dragon


Tracy & Laura Hickman present their new, previously unpublished Dragon's Bard Holiday story just in time for the holidays...

Duke Wenceslas is freezing in his castle, demanding that some brave knight will bring him the head of the dragon who is keeping his woodsmen from gathering firewood. At the same time, Emperor Dragon Quorlas is roasting in his lair under the mountain, demanding that some brave dragon from among his brood will bring him the head of the knight who is preventing them from gathering cows to eat. Meanwhile, in the village of Betwixt, young Nicholas wants only to deliver his gifts this Yuletide Eve but can't until he can find a way to convince the knights and the dragons to make peace. Will young Nicholas find a way of keeping his head while all others seem intent on losing theirs?

Holy Jolly News Flash!  In something of a holiday miracle, Laura and I FINISHED the entire novel on December 12th! This means that you can download the COMPLETE novel for your Kindle, Nook, iPad or other electronic device RIGHT NOW... and receive any future updates of the text FREE OF CHARGE!


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"St. Nicholas and the Dragon" (for new members / please sign in first if you have an existing Dragon's Bard Account) in Kindle, Nook or iPad compatible formats.

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