St. Nicholas & the Dragon: Prologue and Chapter 1

I’m pleased to announce that the Prologue and Chapter One of our holiday serial story, ‘St. Nicholas and the Dragon’ are now available for download to our subscribers to this book. If you have purchased a subscription to this book, you may now log into the website and download the files at once. Also, I’ve […]

Hickman Holiday Sale!

We are in the middle of this year’s Black Friday through Cyber-Monday Holiday Sale! Come and take a look at the incredible offers we have for you! FEATURED EXCLUSIVE! NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! Tracy & Laura Hickman present their new, previously unpublished Dragon’s Bard Holiday story just in time for the holidays… Duke Wenceslas is […]

The Bard’s New Journey

Some journeys are planned. Some journeys are taken on a whim. And some journeys are thrust upon us by fate and circumstance. In this particular case, the unsettling push came in the form of a hacker attack that forced me to do some serious remodeling of Dragon’s Bard and the internet presence that supports it. […]

Blackshore Behind the Scenes

First, I must apologize for being absent these last few weeks. I am under a crushing deadline on the third Drakis Book which is taking up nearly all of my time. However, I am finishing Blackshore Chapter 19 today and will be posting it shortly … and I have some rather exciting news to share […]

Gift of the Bard

The season approaches and we thoughts we would like to offer the gift of the Dragon’s Bard. Now you can purchase gift certificates to our exclusive online book series s to give to your favorite reader! How much should I choose for my gift certificate? You may make your gift certificate for any amount that […]

Sneak Peek into Blackshore

We offer you a sneak peak into our current Dragon’s Bard serial novel: Blackshore! Below you’ll find an excerpt from the book chapter. If you would like to read the complete chapter … simply register for updates in the sidebar on this page and you can download the complete chapter instantly! An Excerpt from the […]
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