Chapter 5: Imp Pass

Is there a Form to Fill Out for the End of the World? If there is then certainly the imps would be there to notarize it! We discover this week something of the nature of the Imps and their strange, unique place in the realms of the djinn, especially when it comes to keeping the […]

Chapter 4: The Mage’s Inn

An Enchantress, a Dragonsbard and an Imp all walk into a tavern… … and it’s no joke! Melodi Morgan wonders just what Edvard the Just has gotten her into when she sits down with one of the most notorious creatures in all the world. Melodi thought her assignment from the head of the Enchanting Academy […]
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If It’s Wrong … Rewrite!

If you have been wondering where your latest Dragonsbard chapters are to be found … you are not alone. Laura and I have been looking all over for them and are thankfully able to report that we found them. Writing a serial novel is something of a high-wire act: you have to know where you’re […]
Miniature Me Slide

Miniature Me

A few months back when Laura and I were at the Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium, a fellow approached us, asking for our heads. Just our heads, mind you … but he promised to make us legendary warriors in exchange. It seemed more than fair. In fact, what he wanted was to capture an […]

Chapter 3 Now Available!

The Late Captain Merryweather Tries to Marry his Widow! … and encounters one bureaucratic mess after another in the bewildering land of the courtiers. It seems that the Captain has been officially decreed to be dead, despite his raging protests to the contrary, and his deceased condition is presenting a host of official problems for […]

Chapter 2: Extra Credit

Melodi and the Headmaster! … It looks as though Melodi Morgan has been summoned to the Headmaster’s office in the Enchanting Academy for a reprimand — but things in Mordale are never what they seem. The headmaster is concerned about Melodi just not fitting in and the truth is he can barely understand her himself. […]
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