Blade of the Avatar

As you know, Laura and I have had a very busy year. We had overwhelming success with our Sojourner Tales Game, finished up the first novel in our Nightbirds series, and launched into Mordale. Even with all of that, one of the most promising and exciting developments was the opportunity to work with Richard Garriott […]

Chapter 8: The Toymaker

There is more to this toy-shop than meets the eye… Phineas Cormander is the white-haired toymaker who lives a quiet and somewhat reclusive life down an otherwise questionable backstreet of magical shops in the heart of Mordale. So why does the Dragonsbard believe he is the only one who can help save the world from magical […]

850 Meters to Mordale

It has been quite a journey but we are back at last! It is time to return to Mordale, Melodi and the Bard. We will tell you all about our mad November quests and be resuming our chapters this week. For now, we hope you’ll enjoy this wonderful madcap adventure written and directed by Joeri Christiaen […]

Chapter 7: The Magic Factory

The history of the Wand Factory is a little TOO magical. The Quay family has been in charge of the Wand Factory ever since the Epic War … or has the Wand Factory been in charge of them?  Download the latest chapters here right now! Subscribe today and you can download the Prologue and Chapter […]

A Knight’s Wages: a Sojourner’s Tale

If you have been following our adventures of late, you’ll know that we have been gallivanting about on quest after quest. First it was the Quest of Space City Con with its legions of heroes and heroines whose fame and renown echoed across the distant land of Houston. Then came the Quest of the Gencon with […]

Chapter 6: What Do You Possibly Wand?

The magnificent towers of the Wand Factory magically appears … in the middle of a pig market. It’s just not starting out to be a very good day for the Master Sorcerer of the Wand Factory who is never entirely sure where he will be waking up on any given morning. But today it appears […]
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