Summer Jobs in Eventide

Want to earn cash this summer while visiting Eventide? We are inviting you to not only be a part of the creation of Eventide … but to possibly even profit by it as well. Yes, we’re offering ‘Summer Jobs’ in Eventide … an opportunity for you to earn 18% commission for every Elite Book Subscription […]

Chapter 4: The Millinery and the Pixies

Chapter 4 of Eventide: The Millinery and the Pixies as just gone live for subscribers to Eventide. This chapter introduces us to Melinda Oakman, the town millinery and her trials not only at creating a ‘quest hat’ for Jarod Klum but in dealing with some most unlikely — and unwelcome — house guests.  All four […]

Chapter 3: Farmer Bennis Posted Today

We are excited to present Chapter 3 today of Eventide. It introduces us to Aren Bennis — an enormous centaur who works his farm just north of the village. There is far more to Farmer Bennis than anyone in Eventide knows and the mysterious centaur intends to keep it that way! When the ebullient Edvard […]

Listening to Eventide…

Laura and I have been taking such delight in Eventide that we have decided to expand on it. We have taken our love and experience in audiobooks and will now begin releasing our own audio version of Eventide for you even while the writing of the book is in progress! You may now subscribe to […]

Evolutionary Publishing

In business, one must evolve or become extinct. Nowhere is this more evident than in the state of Book Publishing today. Changes both in the economic market and in information technologies have left traditional publishing at a standstill, each waiting for someone else to make a move. We believe this is due, in part, to […]

Eventide Begins Today…

The first chapter in the Dragon’s Bard book ‘Eventide’ was made available this morning to subscribers. The download includes: The Prologue: The DragonBard’s Most Sincere Overture and… Chapter 1: The Innkeeper’s Glorious Service Chapter 2 will be released on June 12th. Laura and I are both very excited to be launching our new project and […]
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