Chapters 11, 12 and 13!

Chapters 11, 12 and 13 of Eventide are available now on our Elite Dragon’s Bard Website. These chapters are entitled, respectively, The Higwayman, Guilty Associations and Dirk’s Last Ride. They all deal with Jarod Klum becoming entirely TOO notorious in the town … and our learning the truth about the dreaded Highwayman and his tragic […]

Scribe’s Forge Publisher

As we’ve been working on the Dragonsbard project, we’ve been acquiring quite a bit of experience (actual experience rather than those meaningless points one acquires in so many games) in this new field of Serial Publishing. Serial Publishing sounds like a crime but is actually the revolutionary concept on which Dragonsbard was built: publish like […]

Tracy Hickman on Fear the Boot

Tracy Hickman was interviewed on the ‘Fear the Boot’ podcast this week, with the first half of his interview available now. (0:32) Who Tracy Hickman is and where you probably know him from. (3:41) The story of how Tracy’s wife and a missed ride got him into gaming. (8:25) The current trend in complexity and […]

New Eventide Audio Book Chapters Now Available

Subscribers to our Audio Book series on Eventide should be delighted with the news that we have just posted TWO new chapters for your listening enjoyment! Chapter 5 is called Treasure Box and it introduces us to the town blacksmith, Beulandreun Dudgeon as well as a unique and mystical box. Chapter 6 is entitled Father […]

Chapter 10 Now Available

Chapter 10: The Gossip Fairy has just gone live on our Elite Dragon’s Bard Website. A little misdirection can go a long way when it comes to the Gossip Fairy in a small town … part of the extraordinary nature of writing a book in serial form! Coming next is Chapter 11: The Highwayman wherein […]

A Taste of Eventide

With less than twenty days to go before all subscriptions are closed, we’re offering you a free sample of the Prologue and Chapter One from the first Dragon’s Bard novel, Eventide. Get a taste of what our subscribers are enjoying with ten chapters already available online and more coming each week. All subscriptions will be […]
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