Gift Certificates

The season approaches and we thoughts we would like to offer the gift of the Dragon's Bard. Now you can purchase gift certificates to our exclusive online book series s to give to your favorite reader!

How much should I choose for my gift certificate?

You may make your gift certificate for any amount that you wish and it can be redeemed for any subscription or purchase on our website however we RECOMMEND the following considerations in determining your gift certificate amount:

  1. You should check the book packages currently being offered. This will give you a base number for your certificate.
  2. Then you should add one of the following amounts for shipping charges depending on the location of the person redeeming the gift certificate: For the Bard's Apprentice Package (our BEST VALUE), $10 for U.S., $20 for Canada or $40 for International. For all other packages: $5 for U.S., $10 for Canada or $20 for International.

You may email your gift directly to the recipient on a specified date
If you do not yet know to whom you are giving your certificate, leave the recipient's name and email blank during your purchase and print out the certificate to give to whomever you like!

Recipients can even redeem multiple Dragon's Bard gift certificates on a single purchase.

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