Frequently Asked Questions about 'Dragon's Bard:'

Why should I subscribe now?

  • A: The limited edition books subscribers will be receiving will be numbered, signed and shipped based on their order date and time. Earlier subscriptions will therefore receive lower numbered books than those who come later to the subscription. What is more, once the subscription is filled no additional orders will be taken. We are also making special accommodation for those who subscribe to earlier books in the series -- should they choose, they may have the same number for their subsequent editions as they received for their earlier editions, thus insuring a more perfect collector's set when all the books are finished.

When will I get my book?

  • A: As with our first book, you to receive it by the December following the beginning of the subscription -- a unique holiday gift.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

  • A: You may cancel a 5-month subscription at any time. No money will be refunded to you, however, that has been previous paid and a book will not be shipped to you at the conclusion of the subscription. Prepaid subscriptions may not be canceled or refunded. Contact [email protected] if you have specific questions regarding canceling of your subscription.

Can I purchase additional copies of the limited-edition book from my single subscription?

  • A: No. The subscription price is the price of each book. No additional books will be printed beyond those in the subscription. Due to print run sizes, we may have additional books on hand at the conclusion of the subscription -- should such be the case, these books will be offered to subscribers first.

Will the book be available for purchase after the subscription ends?

  • A: We will be tailoring the print run of the book to the number of subscriptions taken out. No additional copies of the limited edition books will therefore be available once the subscription is completed unless our print runs require additional printed books.

How long with this subscription be available?

  • A: Subscriptions to Blackshore will be closing September 30th, 2011. No further subscriptions will be taken after that time. This is required so that we can have the book produced in time for December release.

I've subscribed but cannot find the secure website...

  • A: Some of the early subscription receipt emails incorrectly listed the secure website address as 'http://dragonsbard/...' when they should have read 'http://dragonsbard.com/...'. This error has since been corrected but if your subscription receipt email lists this incorrectly you can still reach the site by correcting the error in your browser's web address.

I logged into the secure website once but now I get an error when I try to go back...

  • A: The most common cause for this is that the subscriber has attempted to change their password once they reached the secure website. There is a simple solution to this problem. Contact [email protected] and we will correct the problem for you quickly.