Blackshore (Published)


... is where adventure makes port.

Percival Taylor ran away from Eventide. Some say it was because his father threw him out of the house. Others say it was because he was made of fool of by Vestia Cooper. Whatever the reasons, Percival -- a young man who by all accounts never did an honest days work in his entire life -- has made his way down from the little town of Eventide and to the port of Blackshore to seek his fortune at sea and become the man everyone thinks him incapable of becoming.

Unfortunately, no one will allow him anywhere near a ship -- even the impress gangs consistently pass him by -- and it looks as though he shall have to find other means to make his name.

His heart is plundered however, by the beautiful -- if rather sheltered -- Bellisia McQuary. She has mistaken him for a pirate rogue out of one of the Dragon's Bard tales and is entirely willing to swoon into his arms if he can prove his buccaneer soul.

Percival hires a down-on-their-luck pirate band to help him prove his swash-and-buckle to the girl by faking her abduction and sailing her around the local waters for a while before giving up piracy forever on behalf of her love.

Blackshore is the story of Percival Taylor, his attempts to learn a manly trade at sea and his adventures in a fantasy seaport.

Blackshore is complete and now available for purchase.