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I know what you’re thinking! You’ve never seen a dragon at all – let alone any Dragonking named Khrag. You’d be right, friend, and it’s my calling day and night to see to it that you don’t! Now you can see with your own eyes that I’m no dragon-slayer ... but I keep old Khrag from burning down your door and savaging your town more surely than any knight that ever tilted a lance!

How? Why, good friend I’m Edvard the Just! You’ve no doubt heard of me. No? But surely you’ve heard of the renowned Dragon's Bard, purveyor of peace; the minstrel who wanders the land in search of places, people and their tales that save all innocents from the dragon’s wrath. That old and terrible monster Khrag lives for stories and so long as his curiosity is satisfied, he’ll rest at his east in his dark home deep in the ground. When I chanced upon him, he had long ago heard all the great tales – the very epics and sagas you yourself have known since your youth. Indeed, that same dragon Khrag had participated in many of these tales himself and is, I must tell you, frankly bored to dragon-tears with the same old legends of the great and powerful. What keeps him docile and at peace are the tales from places of which no one has heard. So it is that I travel the face of our land, going from village to town, experiencing the lives, sights and sounds of each place so that I might take them back to Khag and...

I beg your pardon? Who? Oh, THAT! That is my apprentice, Abel. He is not terribly promising as a bard but he is a faithful scribe – his ability to write is proving a somewhat useful addition to my already celebrated skills.

Oh, so you read? But of course you do! I knew at once that you were of that learned and educated class that has been trained in the art. Then perhaps I might interest you in this volume of mine, a true and accurate portrait of a village that might amuse you. You may have occasion to visit this charming locale and such a book would serve you well for it would acquaint you not only with the hamlet itself but the people who live there, too. You would know where best to dine, where best to take your lodgings, the important eccentricities of its famed wishing well, the peculiar customs regarding gnomes and who best you might trust there should occasion arise.

And the citizens of that village! This book will acquaint you well with them all. Indeed, Khag himself said just before he fell into a satisfied sleep that he felt that he knew them so well as to make the collection on the whole a treasure of inestimable worth. And I have many such volumes now, each of different places where I have travelled which may be made available to you at price so trivial as to...

My pardon! The name of this town? But of course, you may read it plainly for yourself on the cover. Upside down? Really? Allow me then...

It’s called Eventide.

The DragonBard collects tales from each of the out-of-the-way places that he visits and those locations where he finds the most interesting stories that illustrate life in his times he binds into books. Each is in the style of the ‘village epic’ telling of the stories of common people in uncommon places and times. While each volume is a standalone novel, the books have common characters between them and take place in roughly the same general fantasy setting.

DragonBard’s Eventide is a stand-alone first novel in a series that might best be described as ‘village epics.’ This book and the books that follow take a completely new look at the ‘other side’ of fantastic literature by painting a portrait of life in fantasy villages, towns and cities beyond the walls of the heralded castles and legendary heroes. These are the lives of common people in uncommon times and places.

Now, the first two limited-edition books from the author's private printing -- Eventide and Blackshore -- are available along with subscriptions to the third book in the series, Mordale.

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