What is Dragonsbard?


Available nowhere else! New York Times Best-selling Tracy Hickman with his wife and partner Laura Hickman, world-renown fantasy authors for over a quarter of a century are writing a fantasy novel exclusively by subscription only!


When you subscribe to Dragon's Bard's current subscription offering you will receive:

  • A new chapter each week! You can look forward to watching the story unfold each week as you receive a download file containing the edited and formatted text of a new chapter written exclusively for our subscribers.
  • Private Updates and Insights: What are the challenges and rewards of writing a serialization of a novel? Gain insights into the process through special communiques from the authors.
  • ... And the signed & numbered, first-edition limited hardback publication of the book! When the book subscription is complete, you will receive your own hardback, limited-edition copy of the book -- each one numbered and signed by the authors!

The current subscription offering is the second of three which will complete this series. Subscribers to this first book will have a priority opportunity to acquire positions in later book subscriptions in this series, thus insuring that when you subscribe now will be able to acquire the complete three-book set.

Order now ... once the subscription is sold out this offer will be closed.

We look forward to your joining us on our first adventures...

12 thoughts on “What is Dragonsbard?

  1. This a great idea and I’m eager to see how this new paradigm works out, but I simply can’t afford the $65.75 price tag, which is the cheapest option for me here in the UK. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to support this new paradigm, because I think we need to be trying out new things like this.

    I wonder if you’ve considered providing cheaper options for just the chapters, or an eBook version at the end, and maybe limited access to the site? I’d consider a cheaper option, but would only really want to pay no more that £5/$8. It not that I don’t value your work, or appreciate the uniqueness of what you’re offering, it’s just how much money I have to budget for my entertainment!

    If you had variously priced alternatives, it would be good market research for this new paradigm to see what the uptake was on the different options.

    • The Elite edition is a privately-printed, individually numbered first edition signed by the author, and is frankly, as such things go, a comparative bargain. People will pay $50 for a computer game; we’re offering something vastly more unique in what we believe will be a real treasure.

      That being said, we are looking into the possibility of releasing an ebook-only version of ‘Eventide’ but this would not take place until next spring in 2011.

      In the interim, you might consider the audio book version we are now offering. The full subscription is only $15 USD for the entire book or you might want to purchase a single chapter for download just to see if it is something you really want to spend some cash to acquire.

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