Blade of the Avatar

Blade of the AvatarAs you know, Laura and I have had a very busy year. We had overwhelming success with our Sojourner Tales Game, finished up the first novel in our Nightbirds series, and launched into Mordale.

Even with all of that, one of the most promising and exciting developments was the opportunity to work with Richard Garriott to create the background story for his Shroud of the Avatar project. More than that, as a result of the tremendous funding of that computer game project, Richard and I were able to join forces in creating a serial novel for that project as well.

So now, even as we are writing in Mordale, I find myself commuting between worlds as I work with Richard in creating a new serial novel: Blade of the Avatar. This 'prequel' to the Shroud of the Avatar game takes place in the centuries past… Planting the seeds and laying the foundations for the world that the players will experience.

Most exciting for me, is that the story is shaping up to be one of the best I have ever experienced. Richard has a wonderful, natural sense of story and the characters, settings, and events making up Blade of the Avatar are both surprising and delightful.

We are currently releasing these chapters about one per week, and hope to make these concurrent with the mordale chapters you are already enjoying. If you have not yet had the chance, take a few moments to visit the Shroud of the Avatar website. There, Richard Garriott commands a team of dedicated and experienced designers with whom it is my privilege to now work. I feel that I am, once again, a part of something special over there. I hope that you, too, can join us on that journey as well.