Chapter 10: The Rat-catcher Rebellion

The Rat-catchers were Revolting… And Ike Pelter, Master Ratter, was doing everything in his power to keep them that way! The Rat-catchers of the city find their livelihood threatened and are preparing to unleash their caged rats on the city. Only Prunella Stump is acceptable to them to present their case to the King’s Court. […]

Chapter 9: The Bubble Girl

Nearly Twenty Years Ago, Enchantment and its Champion were on the Way Out… But a fated encounter in the newly-opened Mage’s Inn with the Bubble Girl sets the stage for dreams to be both fulfilled and crushed between the most unlikely of friends…  Download the latest chapters here right now! Subscribe today and you can […]

Wrestling Crocodiles for the Dragonsbard

Earlier this week, I had a nightmare. Usually I can laugh off those little terrors once I wake up. In the light of day, those phantoms of my sleep evaporate with the dew and at best appear ridiculous and unfounded. But not that night. I was swimming in the water in Lake Powell. Water was […]

Blade of the Avatar

As you know, Laura and I have had a very busy year. We had overwhelming success with our Sojourner Tales Game, finished up the first novel in our Nightbirds series, and launched into Mordale. Even with all of that, one of the most promising and exciting developments was the opportunity to work with Richard Garriott […]

Chapter 8: The Toymaker

There is more to this toy-shop than meets the eye… Phineas Cormander is the white-haired toymaker who lives a quiet and somewhat reclusive life down an otherwise questionable backstreet of magical shops in the heart of Mordale. So why does the Dragonsbard believe he is the only one who can help save the world from magical […]

850 Meters to Mordale

It has been quite a journey but we are back at last! It is time to return to Mordale, Melodi and the Bard. We will tell you all about our mad November quests and be resuming our chapters this week. For now, we hope you’ll enjoy this wonderful madcap adventure written and directed by Joeri Christiaen […]
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